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Roll Call:  The Legendary Boston Celtics Players

The Boston Celtics are among the oldest franchises in the National Basketball Association.  Since 1946, they have been home to exceptional talents both on and off the court.  Stephen Stapinski, who was originally from Andover, says that he had always admired the Boston team even before he moved to the city.  Here’s a list featuring some of the most memorable players to wear Boston’s green and white.

Bill Russell

In his 13 seasons as a Celtic, Bill Russell won 11 NBA championship titles, five MVPs, and was part of the All-Stars for 12 seasons.  For basketball history fans such as Stephen Stapinski from Andover, Russell’s impact transformed the sport.  According to the NBA Legends page, Bill Russell’s record of championships in his 13 seasons makes him the greatest winner, not just in basketball but in team sports. 

Larry Bird

Younger generations of basketball fans might know him for being an executive for the Indiana Pacers.  But long-time NBA followers such as Andover-native Stephen Stapinski know about Larry Legend. While he was playing for the Celtics, he won the championship thrice, became Finals MVP twice, named MVP for three consecutive years, and was part of the All-Stars 12 times.  His 13-season career as small forward and power forward for the Celtics have made him not just a bankable player but also a brilliant coach. 

John Havlicek

Those who have an interest in studying the history of the NBA will find John Havlicek’s career to be an amazing one.  During high school, the NBA legend was known for being a three-sport athlete having played football, baseball, and basketball.  With 16 seasons with Boston Celtics, he won eight championships with them.  This makes him one of the four players to have this record.  His career with the team shows his skill and athleticism that proves the rewards of hard work.  “Hondo” was a shooter skilled with fast breaks, and throughout his career, he was known for being a regarded sixth man.  Out of his eight championships, he was named Finals MVP in 1974. 

Paul Pierce

According to Celtics fan Stephen Stapinski from Andover, Paul Pierce is one of three Celtics players to have scored more than 20,000 career points with the team.  In 1998, he joined the team and gained the attention of fans for being a scorer.  At a time when Larry Bird’s skill was much needed, Pierce became the go-to player of the team.  During the 2007- 08 season, Paul Pierce, along with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, formed the “Big Three,” which greatly helped their 2008 win.  Their win against the Lakers made the long-standing rivalry between the two teams stronger as the LA-based team is trailing behind Boston with 14 championship titles back then.  During this season, Paul Pierce was named the Finals MVP after showing amazing sportsmanship despite being injured.